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Naturopathic Remedy for Osteoporosis

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As we get older, our bones tend to weaken. When it is mild, it is called loss of bone density, however if it reach the severe stage, it is called, osteoporosis. Losing bone density usually starts at the age of 40 for both women and men.

Now you don’t have to go too far, and get an even harmful and ineffective medication there is a naturopathic remedy for osteoporosis.

Naturopathic remedy for osteoporosis has always been the best answer for any kind of osteoporosis. This is more natural, more effective and much cheaper compared to those prescribed by your doctor.

• Do weight bearing exercises.
Studies show that doing this naturopathic remedy for osteoporosis such as brisk walking will increase bone density and strengthens the bones. One of the factors for such is the hormonal balance.

One of the female hormones called estrogen is believed to have a protective effect on the bones. Usually for women, the onset of osteoporosis is after their menopausal stage when their estrogen is in low level.

Stay in healthy and keep exercising a daily habit. Doing regular exercise is an important naturopathic remedy to cure osteoporosis.

• Diet and Nutrition

Another naturopathic remedy for osteoporosis is modifying your diet and nutrition if you have been doing little in managing your diet it is time to start. This naturopathic remedy will include foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D, “Vitamin D is available through sunshine”.

Example of the foods that can prevent and delay the onset of osteoporosis are green and leafy vegetables, salmon, tuna and sardines, sesame seeds, avocado, onion, garlic and eggs.

Avoid nicotine and carbonated products as well as products which contain high levels of salt.

The naturopathic remedy which involves proper diet and good nutrition is one of the best ways to ease the pain and deformation of the back due to osteoporosis.

• Herb

Shifting to Eastern medicine like focusing on alternative way like herbs is also one the most important naturopathic remedy. Dynaria root also called dynaria fortune is used for kidney nourishment and bone strengthening.

A naturopathic remedy like redinclover or trifolium pratnese containing isoflavons will help prevent the breakdown of existing mass of bones.

These two herbs have been widely and effectively as a naturopathic remedy for osteoporosis.

• Be cautious.

Another good naturopathic remedy is being cautious at all time and at all means. No one will harm your own body but you yourself alone.

Be careful of your fluoride intake, though it can increase bone density, however, it does not protect the bone against fracture.

Evade aluminium content as well which can be obtained from cooking pots, antiperspirants and anti acids because it leads to excretion of calcium in the urine.

Be careful also of lead content, for it disrupts Vitamin D’s ability of interacting with calcium.

The most important of all naturopathic remedy for osteoporosis is being essential cautious .

Take note of all of this and be extra cautious with your lifestyle.

The foods that you eat, your exercises that you get and every activity that may affect your body are factors that can cause or cure osteoporosis.

Still, prevention is better than cure. However, if unavoidable, you can resort to the points mentioned above for naturopathic remedy of your osteoporosis.

As an Author I try to bring to the reader, complex issues in an easy to understand manner, and remove the ability for deception to enter the subject material. Society forces humanity into complexity, this can only insure failure to thrive. Existence in any shape or form is based on simplicity; only man made rationale demands complexity and hence insures difficulty if not outright failure in their ventures. By the use of the K.I.S.S. Principle and Critical reasoning the complexity in life is readily seen for what it is, and can hence be discarded to allow progress. Thus also does the hidden become visible, falsity becomes null and void, and humanity can truly gain their individual goals?

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